Family owned since 1948
It's warm under here!
Ewes not fat, Ewes fluffy.
I'm going to grow up and be a Mountain Goat!
Our Silly Little Dog Lacey

We lost MWF Marshmello's Mother MWF Freckles giving birth to her little sister. Here little orphaned Marshmello is nursing off her Adopted Mother Fairlea Violet.
Ain't she Sweet!
Marshmello & Fluff
Ms Vermont & Eclipse
Hen with Chicks
Keeping the road clear
Keeping the road clear
To heck with keeping the road clear, this stuff tastes great!!
Look, Mom made me a sweater!
Welcome to Mending Wall Farm
Nigerian Dwarf Goats   -  Tennessee Fainting Goats
Babydoll Sheep
A Bucket-O-Kids
Great flocking instincts
I can look cute for the picture!
I bet I can Fly!
Indian Red Jungle Fowl
Hard day!
Quit calling me a Buffalo!
Come back and Play with me!
Look Ma, I'm a Panda Bear
2 Day Old Cappuccino
Let's pretend we're Centaurs
Who can resist that Smile!
Power from the Sun and shade for everyone!
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Here's looking at Ewe.
You look warm!
Moose, our "wanna be a" Sheep Dog
Hay... Again!
I ain't going in there, it's scary!
Big Guy
Do you think they'll catch us outside of the Fence?
I told you the fence had a hole in it!!!