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Mending Wall Farm
2015 Kid Prices
Stud Service $100
2015 Lamb Prices
Stud Service TBD
Nigerian Dwarf Kids
Tennesee Fainting Kids
Babydoll Lambs
Spring 2015 Kids & Lambs For Sale
Pet Goats
Nigerian x Fainting Cross
Does $150.00 Wethers $100.00
Coffee Bean
Cappuccino had
Karys had
Dora had
Violet had
Lily had
Marshmello had
Fluff had
Amy had
Rosie had
We placed Rosie in with Denver for Pure Fainting Goat Kids. Cliff (Nigerian) jumped the fence while we were at work so we may have Cross Bred Pet Goats.
We will have to wait till Flip faints or not.
Muffin had
Fainting Lily had
Iris had
Flapjack (Wether) Born 4/4/15 Sold
Fancy (Ewe) Born 3/29/15 Sold
Firefly (Doe) Born 4/1/15 Retained
Flower (Doe) Born 3/27/15 Sold
Foxtail Lily (Doe) Born 3/27/15 Sold
Fern (Doe) Born 3/29/15 Sold
Flame (Wether) Born 3/29/15 Sold
Felica (Doe) Born 3/30/15 Sold
Felix (Wether) Born 3/30/15 Sold
Fennel (Doe) Born 3/29/15 Sold
Foxglove (Doe) Born 3/29/15 Retained
Blue Eyes
Frosty (Doe) Born 3/30/15 Sold
Flash (Wether) Born 3/31/15 Sold
Fester (Buck) 3/31/15 Sold
Flip (Wether) Born 3/31/2015 Sold
Due May 2015
Fritter (Wether) Born 4/8/15 Sold
Fluffy (Doe) Born 4/11/15 Sold
No Pets this Year!